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Cloud Solutions & Services

Cloud computing is a process of delivering/enabling scalable expandable and almost perfectly elastic software services using internet technologies. It is a method of delivering software as a service, deliverd in pay per use basis.

The various cloud based services are:
1. Web based cloud computing – Comapnies use the functionality provided by web services and do not have to develop a full application for their needs.
2. Infrastructure services (Iaas) : Organizations make use of unlimited storage potential of cloud infrastructure.
3. Software services (SaaS): It allows people to access functionality of a particular software without worrying about storage or other issues.
4. Platform as a services (PaaS): Companies can run their applications on cloud service platform without having to worry about maintaining had drives and servers.
4. Managed Services- These are cloud service applications used by the providers such as anti spam services.

Cloud has thus been a game changes for enterprise information security efforts. The abundant and rapid increase in the use of cloud services have minimised security concerns.